Amy with a long ponytail paints the side of a sculpture

I’m Amy Stephens, and I don’t want to just make art; I want to make a difference.

Amy shows off the wasp tattoo on her bicep.

I got my start as an artist in Kindergarten. No joke. Our teacher, Mrs. Spears required us to keep a daily journal, but I would only draw pictures and never write anything. Well, we struck a deal that I could continue my drawing if I also labeled each picture, and that foundation has continued into my adult life. My repertoire has now expanded to painting, jewelry making, metal work, and sculpture, accompanied by meaningful descriptions of my artwork.

Determined & Tenacious

As a 5-year old, I got it in my head that I wanted to be an artist, so I set out to make that dream come true. Call me stubborn or determined or tenacious. Or better yet, call me an artist. Along the way, I’ve developed more perseverance to face criticism and hurdles, and I’ve utilized creativity in solving problems to execute ideas into final product.

Amy smiling and paintingMy goal is to make a difference with my art. To make the world a better place. So far, I have been exploring how art can impact a person’s life whether it’s by looking at something each day that inspires them; or by addressing a thought-provoking social issue to invoke change; or by providing a keepsake art piece as a memorial to help people with grief.

I don’t want my art to simply hang in a museum or gallery. I have a STRONG DESIRE for the art I create to truly make a difference and benefit people.

Amy helps a customer at a table displaying her artwork.
Freestanding bronze sculpture reminiscent of a twisted torso with smooth and rough patches
Butterflies in resin on a necklace with large metal chain and ribbon. Displayed on mannequin bust.
Patina copper bowl in wing shape with spiral design

Fun Facts: I have two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Texas – one in sculpture and another in metalsmithing and jewelry. I currently work as a wax chaser in a bronze foundry in Arlington, Texas and as an independent artist entrepreneur.

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Amy in the News

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I’m Amy and I’ll continue to push ahead regardless of what blocks my path in order to live out my passion for art.

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