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Long horizontal painting of honeycomb and bees on one side and wheat field at dusk
Painting with yellow background and multi-color abstract textural shape
Patina copper bowl in wing shape with spiral design
Firefighter jacket and Texas flag star painted on large star sculpture installed outdoors
Gold colored earrings shaped into torso form
Freestanding bronze sculpture reminiscent of a twisted torso with smooth and rough patches
Bronze sculpture of abstract figure on two fingers and a claw
Five tiny teacups containing an insect in resin of various colors
Black and white painting of animal skull, grapes, and wine glass
Abstract bronze sculpture on cylindrical wood base with plaque labeled Stability and K4S3O2 + Cu(NO3)2 + FE(NO3)3
Real orange butterfly in square pendant on necklace with beads and peace charms
Abstract bronze sculpture reminiscent of female torso and waves, on stone cube base
Abstract bronze sculpture on cylindrical wood base.
Painting of blue abstract praying mantis with bright orange outline.
Mural on exterior wall of honeycomb pattern and giant bee next to fall trees
Painting of cello on blue background with dripping honey
Abstract bronze sculpture mounted on dark polished stone slab
Small round metal cylinder container with a moth set in resin on the lid
Bronze sculpture of abstract winged creature with antennae crouching on cylindrical wooden base.
Abstract bronze sculpture with a form reminiscent of a winged being atop a wood trapezoid base
Blue lawn chair and amphitheater painted on little library box containing books.
Keychain with fly set in resin on lace background
Painting of bees on honeycomb with purple cosmic background
Bronze I Love You charm shown next to a quarter for similar sizing
Two pronged fluid bronze sculpture
Multicolor cosmic and rainbow background with transparent grasping hands
Necklace made with metalic honeycomb shapes
Bronze sculpture of rat wearing felt had and spectacles in front of bronze grapes. All on wood base.
Three insects each in resin charm on a neclace
Simple twist bronze sculpture with patina
Butterfly atop pebbles and moss in a tall glass bottle
Painting of green dragon head poking through the clouds
Copper bowl with avocado color patina on outside
Dried roses arranged in a metal bird cage
Butterflies in resin on a necklace with large metal chain and ribbon. Displayed on mannequin bust.
Three round mirrors with copper edges. Butterfly in resin on top with blue background.
Bronze statue of bulldog on pedestal
Two dangling earrings with iridescent green beetle wings and heart charms
Large star shaped sculpture outdoors, painted with honeycomb and bees
Two abstract bronze sculptures forms on wood bookends
Bronze sculpture of spider with nails painted green